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At staff meeting on Thursday, Bob and Jan Thompson (who head up the video conference ministry) gave a report on the ongoing video ministry—and also gave a report on what happened when they had their children and friends try VEGEMITE (that wonderful Australian delicacy that the Ham family are addicted to). After the staff meeting, Bob and Jan had crackers and vegemite for AiG staff who have never tasted this Aussie "delight." I have attached some interesting photographs:

JL-Thurs-am-pix-1-25-07-010.jpg Morn-meeting-1-25-07-009.jpg _MG_6666.jpg _MG_6669.jpg

Bob and Jan giving their report Bob holding up a bottle of Vegemite Staff member Dr. Georgia Purdom gets ready to taste Vegemite Georgia after she tried the vegemite!!!


An encouraging letter from England:

I am a teaching elder in a small evangelical church located on the southern end of the town of Grimsby, East coast of England. For 28 of the 30 years that I have been a christian I subscribed to the "gap" theory, however through the AIG website the Lord has opened my eyes to the error of such ideas, I have with regard to this matter returned to the "authority" of God's word. A few months ago during one of my bible studies attended by 9 mature and established christians I was amazed at the bewildering array of ideas concerning Genesis 1, we had everything from thousand year long days, to pre-Adamite creations, to souless hominids, to Adam being the "missing link" etc, infact there were not two of us singing from the same hymn sheet with regard to the first chapter of the book of God!. Several months later I am delighted to report that the concensus of opinion is now 6 regular days as narrated by God Himself. so even in a backwater like Grimsby the Lord is using your ministry to restore the authority of His word.


This is an interesting news story about a shark that is called a "living fossil." The story states:

Marine park staff caught the 1.6 metre (5 ft) long creature, which they identified as a female frilled shark, sometimes referred to as a "living fossil" because it is a primitive species that has changed little since prehistoric times.

To see a photograph and read more about this interesting story, go to:

On Friday, I am doing a walk through some of the Museum construction with a Christian Radio station—they want to record me explaining the various exhibits for a radio feature.

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