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A newspaper article appeared in a Christian Newspaper in Japan concerning the Creation Museum. This was a very positive article about the Museum. The writer of the article visited the Creation Museum last year.



I have enclosed a photo of part of the Graffiti Alley Exhibit.


Staff-photo--1-10-07-022.jpg This week, all of our staff got their pictures taken for their new security badges. I have also enclosed a photograph of Mark Looy (with Daniel Lewis getting him ready) as he posed for a new security photograph.

Today I showed two local pastors through the Creation Museum—and then I had meetings with various departments. Tonight I took Mally and two of our daughters out to our favorite ice cream place (the best ice cream in the USA).

On Saturday, Mally and I will be visiting with Buddy and Kay Davis—I hope to get some photographs of some of the latest sculptures Buddy has ready for the Creation Museum.

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