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95-1-0011.jpgThe January edition of Answers magazine arrived at our home today—so it must be arriving in homes across the USA and around the world. This is an AMAZING issue with an emphasis on the sanctity of life—and a special pull out chart showing pictures of the development of a baby. This is a WOW magazine.

Today we also received this feedback about the magazine:

Your website is absolutely magnificent and I want to compliment you on it. However my reason for writing is your fantastic magazine in the new format - I am so impressed and will be a subscriber for a long time to come. I highly recommend this magazine to everyone - I use it for myself and for my homeschool. The information is top rate and I just wish it could come out monthly!! Kudos to you all in your valuable ministry. Thanks, with much appreciation to all at AIG.

If you don’t subscribe, then go to: Subscribe to Answers

Make sure you also visit the special website that goes along with the magazine—you will find magazine articles, extra information and other items that go along with each issue:


Needs: Only about $2 million to go for the Creation Museum—and of course the funds needed daily for the general ministry.

Just a reminder that donations need to be in to AiG by December 31 (or postmarked by Dec 31) to be tax deductible for this year. We will also have extra staff manning the phones as many people call their donation in using credit cards etc. You can donate by going to our website or by calling AiG Customer Service at 1-800-778-3390

AiG staff return in force on Wednesday as the office opens after the Christmas break.

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