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Guest blog--Carl Kerby, AiG speaker

I just thought you might like to hear from our friend who started the Creation Club in the public school. Her challenge is a very big one to us today. Christians are truly without excuse for getting involved in ministry somehow. Let her words encourage, challenge and excite you. Please keep praying for her as well as she makes this important decision about college.

Thank you for the book, Mr. Kerby! That was a pleasant surprise. You and AiG have all been really good to me. It's great to have the support. I did look through Remote Control some, nice job by the way.

I really needed the Bible verses you slipped in on your note. That was good encouragement. Jesus is not popular at school. But I'm to the point where I'm fed up with what certain people think of me and I just don't give a toot'n rip anymore. It's not cool for people to go to Hell.

Overall the kids are really receptive to the booklets. A lot of people, especially the strong critics including an atheist Da-Vinci Code believing teacher, are asking for one of each. I've been carrying a bag of them with me passing them out to whoever. My friend Rachel is in A Lunch so that will cover just about everybody.

Tuesday was our 2nd meeting. Derek didn't prepare as much for the evolution side. He actually confessed that it's difficult to learn in 4 weeks (but he also doesn't have an awesome ministry like AiG putting out helpful material). So he did his little talk for about 5-10 minutes, I let anybody who might know something about evolution add their comments, and then it was just open questions and answers to me. I love it all. Next week we'll go on the age of the earth and carbon dating was a hot topic. Ryan is a Christian in the club and he listens well. He said he's studied Creationism a lot, but I was the first person he heard say that dinosaurs went on the Ark.

Tomorrow is my first ACT test...missed my SAT last week so I'll do that in January. For colleges the only schools I'm looking at are the ones with evolution offered as a major. Do you know which one might have the strongest evolution program? I want to learn under the best. I'll probably write to the professors teaching that soon to get a feel for them. If you know anything, any information will be of help. It's still weird thinking I'll be a senior next year. Filling out the applications will be interesting. I need to come up with a good passionate reason to give them why I want to study EVILution other than I'm a Christian and want to tear their side down. My college essay will definitely be a fun creative writing assignment. :)

I hope you have an awesome day without freezing.

sister in Christ

Wow! Pray for her and others like her who are standing in the gap in high schools and colleges around the world.

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Keep praying!


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