A standing ovation

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Guest blog - Mike Riddle, AiG speaker

Several weeks ago a family took their three children, ages 6, 4, and 2, to a different church then they normally attend. During the service the pastor asked if any of the children in the congregation wanted to recite any of the verses they had memorized in Sunday school. The mother of the three children asked the 6 year old if she wanted to recite some Scripture she had memorized during her home school sessions. The little girl walked up to the front of the congregation and not only recited a verse, but recited, from memory, John chapter 3. Upon completion, the congregation gave the 6 year old a standing ovation. When the little girl returned to sit by her mom she looked slightly embarrassed because she could not figure out why the people were clapping. The reason she was so puzzled is because she did not feel she had done anything special. She thought everyone memorized Scripture.


By the way, did I mention that the little girl is my granddaughter?

I know I'm bragging a little...please indulge me on this thanksgiving weekend. Those of us who know the truth of God's Word and the forgiveness we have in Christ, know that it is a wonderful thing to give thanks for His goodness and give praise for the way He works in the lives of our families.

Again, God bless you this weekend.


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