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In what we have found to be rather typical British secular media fashion, the Creation Museum was mocked in an article that appeared Monday, November 13. Last week we had two reporters from different secular media. After spending considerable time with the reporter from England’s Guardian newspaper, I told the staff the next day, “This was one of those reporters who, in my opinion, basically had ‘written’ his article before he came, he just wanted to say he had been at AiG so he could then claim he had researched his article that he wanted to write for his own anti-Christian agenda.” (By the way, the other reporter was from a secular USA magazine—and he seemed more interested in understanding our position and why we believe what we do. I expect a more balanced article from this person.)

The Guardian article made some rather silly and blatantly false claims such as:

The Creation Museum - motto: "Prepare to Believe!" - will be the first institution in the world whose contents, with the exception of a few turtles swimming in an artificial pond, are entirely fake.
Actually, this reporter knows we have quite an extensive collection of real fossils—world class fossils—that will be on exhibit in the museum, and none of which are "fake"! And the planetarium program, while containing some mild critiques of evolution and “millions of years,” teaches real astronomy and was prepared by Dr. Jason Lisle (who has a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Boulder, Co)—so there is no FAKE astronomy! Such claims about the contents of the Creation Museum being “entirely fake” are ridiculous.

The reporter also stated: “Theological scholars may have noticed that there are, in fact, no dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible---and here lies the Creationists' first problem.” Actually, the reporter needs to do some research concerning one of his own countrymen, Sir Richard Owen, the famous anatomist who actually invented the word dinosaur in 1841! The word "dinosaur" did not exist before that time. The Bible talks generally about land animals created on Day Six at the same time as Adam and Eve---it does not specifically list each kind.

The reporter likes to fluff up his story with stuff like this:

Ham is a large man [well I guess I’m 6 feet tall] with a chin-hugging beard like an Old Testament prophet or an old-fashioned preacher [it’s not that long!], both of which he is, in a way. He lectures all over the world and spent a month in Britain earlier in the summer spreading the message to the faithful in parish halls from Cornwall to Scotland. "We want to try to convince people using observational science," he says. "It's done very gently but forthrightly. We give both sides, which is more than the Science Museum in London does."

This is true in that the Creation museum does include an animatronic evolutionist archaeologist, sitting beside a creationist, at one point. But there's no space for an animatronic Charles Darwin to fit alongside King David and his harp.

I’m not sure what Charles Darwin has to do with King David—but then again, this is just part of this reporter’s mocking approach.

Well, it’s all publicity and the Lord can use even this anti-Christian, agenda-driven piece (with its misinformation and usual types of misquotes) to get people thinking about His Word.

You can read the entire article at: Guardian Unlimited—So what's with all the dinosaurs? But don’t believe everything he claims we said just as he’s written it!!


This morning (Monday) I flew to Birmingham, Alabama to give a lecture to over 1,000 pastors. After I speak, I have to rush to the airport to get the only direct flight home tonight. I’ll include a report on this meeting in tomorrow’s blog.

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