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A group of people called “The New Atheists” is on the march across the USA attacking the Christian faith. They are involved in one of the most blatant attacks on Christianity to occur in this nation—and they intend on intensifying their attacks. Their books are on the bestseller lists for The New York Times and They equate Muslim extremists with Christians in an attempt to make people feel that Christians are dangerous people. The latest attack is an article from Newsweek obviously intended to discredit President Bush and influence how people vote. Here is an excerpt from this article by atheist Sam Harris:

Consequently, we are living in a world in which millions of grown men and women can rationalize the violent sacrifice of their own children by recourse to fairy tales. We are living in a world in which millions of Muslims believe that there is nothing better than to be killed in defense of Islam. We are living in a world in which millions of Christians hope to soon be raptured into the stratosphere by Jesus so that they can safely enjoy a sacred genocide that will inaugurate the end of human history. In a world brimming with increasingly destructive technology, our infatuation with religious myths now poses a tremendous danger. And it is not a danger for which more religious faith is a remedy.

You can read the rest of this very nasty piece at — A Dissent: The Case Against Faith

I do suggest you read this article to understand how vehemently anti-Christian these “New Atheists” are. In my monthly letter for December (if you are on our mailing list), I give many more details about this group, what they are saying, and how they are on the warpath against Christianity in the USA. Their writings also detail how evolution is the foundation of their worldview. We also have an article on our main site written just after Richard Dawkins addressed a group in Massachusetts—see: Richard Dawkins and the “new atheists” come to America.

Today a number of us were interviewed by a reporter for the Guardian newspaper in England. He was also accompanied by a photographer who took hundreds of photographs. The reporter is talking to a number of different people across the USA and no doubt will write a feature article on Christianity in America and the creation /evolution issue.

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