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Dr. David R. Crandall, his wife Diana, my wife Mally and I, are pleased to announce that AiG has signed on its 150th passenger for our Alaskan Cruise! This is impressive because we are still nine months away! The better cabins are selling out quickly, so anyone interested in the Alaskan Creation Cruise should call (847) 463-6289 and get the details from Gary Emery, the Cruise coordinator. You can find cruise details on the AiG website as well.

Dr. Crandall stated:

we have already sold out one of the categories because the interest in this cruise is extremely high. Everyday people are signing-up to take this cruise and adventure of a lifetime. The Norwegian Pearl (our ship) will vibrate with God’s praises as AiG people from around the world join together for praise, learning, fellowship, fun and viewing one of the most beautiful places in the world. Folks really need to sign up now so that they can select the exact cabin category that they desire.

I would love to see AiG people take over this ship!! There is still time to join us for this exciting time. Take a look at the details.


The NCSE is an USA-based organization, headed by atheist Eugenie Scott, set up specifically to oppose creation organizations/teaching around the world. They recently released a news report that is worth reading. I have included selections from the article, and I encourage you to go to the link to read the entire story:

National Center for Science Education—Creationism news from around the world

Creationism news from around the world

Although the United States remains the bastion of creationism, the rest of the world is not invulnerable. Creationism is a worldwide phenomenon, in which antievolutionary materials produced by the centers of creationism in the United States are exported overseas, either wholesale or with modifications to suit the local milieu; often there is reimportation, as creationists overseas become major players in their own right and are then welcomed by the legions of creationists in the United States. (The young-earth creationist ministry Answers in Genesis is a case in point: based in Florence, Kentucky, its chief executive officer is the Australian Ken Ham.) Perhaps owing to the spate of media coverage of recent defeats for creationism in the United States -- the decision in Kitzmiller v. Dover in December 2005, the Ohio state board of education's removal of the "critical analysis of education" lesson plan in February 2006, and the primary election results for the Kansas state board of education in August 2006 -- stories about evolution education and attempts to compromise it have been in the news around the world.

In Canada, the Quebec Ministry of Education is launching a crackdown …

In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Tony Blair downplayed the threat of creationism in British public education, …

In Germany, the vice president of the Association of German Biologists, Ulrich Kutschera of the University of Kassel, is expressing concern about creationism …

In Poland, the journal Nature (October 25, 2006) reports (subscription required), Mirosaw Orzechowski, Poland's deputy education minister, told a newspaper, "The theory of evolution is a lie ...

In Kenya, the National Museums are under pressure by fundamentalist churches to de-emphasize their famous collection of hominid fossils …

Finally, in his contribution to a special issue of Nature (November 1, 2006) focusing on science in the Islamic world …

Yesterday, I spent time with a reporter for Discover magazine—he also interviewed other AiG staff and took a tour through the Creation Museum construction. Please pray for the many secular interviews like this and the resulting articles.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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