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There have been a lot of items concerning creation/evolution in the news over the past few days. Here are just a few interesting ones:

Lawsuit in Russia over the teaching of evolution in schools:

St. Petersburg, October 26, Interfax - Oktyabrsky district court started Wednesday considering a civil suit brought by a senior pupil who complained about the teaching of Darwin’s theory, a court source told Interfax. After the sides listened to each other, the court requested opinion of experts in religion, theology and Marxist-Leninist ideology. [...] The suit against the teaching of Darwin’s theory in school was brought to the court by a senior pupil Maria Shraiber and her father, Kirill Shraiber. The Russian Ministry of Education and Science is named a defendant. [...] Maria is a minor, and her father represents her interests. The declaration says that the teaching of Darwin’s theory in school as the only correct teaching violates her right of choosing her philosophy of life and insults her religious feelings.

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Rocks Form Quickly:

Ohio State University geologists have found that important rocks from Niagara Gorge -- rock formations that are used to judge the ages of rocks and fossils around North America -- formed five times faster than previously thought.

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A New Living Fossil:

A South African-led study suggests lampreys are "living fossils," remaining largely unchanged for 360 million years.

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Polish Politican Calls Evolution A "Lie":

Poland's schools will continue to teach the theory of evolution, the education minister said Thursday, distancing himself from a deputy who recently called Darwinism a "lie." Roman Giertych, leader of ultra-Roman Catholic League of Polish Families, said he saw no conflict between the theory of evolution and the Biblical teaching that God created the world. "As long as most scientists in our country say that evolution is the right theory, it will be taught in Poland's schools," Giertych told a news conference. [...] Nearly two weeks ago, his deputy, Miroslaw Orzechowski, raised eyebrows across Poland by dubbing evolution a "lie" and a "fable of a literary nature" in a newspaper interview and by saying he wanted a debate on whether biologist Charles Darwin's theory should be purged from the school curriculum.

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Lucy to visit USA:

Probably the most famous supposed human ancestor (named Lucy) is to visit the USA (in what will obviously become another big evolutionary indoctrination program):

Ethiopia agreed on Tuesday to exhibit its world-acclaimed archaeological find -- the 3.2 million-year-old remains of a female hominid known as Lucy -- and 190 other heritage items in America, officials said. An exhibition is scheduled for September 2007 at the Houston Museum of National Science and then will move to 10 other U.S. museums. Lucy is expected to return to Ethiopia in 2013.

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A Bronco creationist?

A supporter sent in an interview The Denver Posthad with Denver Broncos kicker Jason Elam. Here it is:

[Elam:] I don’t think God wanted us to have a blind faith. He gave us so much evidence, archaeological evidence, historical evidence, that we can note almost with certainty. It takes way more faith to believe in evolution than it does Christianity. You’ve got this Goo Man they want you to think we came from. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Well, the above is just a selection of some of the creation/evolution-related news items I received over the past couple of days! It sure is a newsy topic!


I arrived home from Arkansas this morning, went to the office and did two radio interviews and met with a few staff. I leave Friday for Florida and then Saturday to Minnesota to speak at two worldview conferences. For further information on these conferences, go to the Florida event and the Minnesota event.

I attached a photograph of Mally and me taken this week in the Palm Plaza area of the Creation Museum.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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