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Dale Mason, Dan Zordel, and Roger Patterson, author of Evolution Exposed explained to the staff yesterday morning the phenomenal new outreach to public school students across the nation. This initiative of AiG, as far as we can ascertain, is the first of its kind ever! (See photographs taken at staff meeting.)

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Roger Patterson (who worked in the public school system for a number of years) obtained the three main textbooks used in biology classes in public schools across the nation. He found every reference to evolution/"millions of years" and collated these references into topics—then the topics were divided into chapter headings. He then wrote the creationist arguments dealing with these topics and referenced articles on websites, etc., with summaries of some of the articles. He also provided a chart for each chapter with the relevant page numbers in the textbooks dealing with the particular topic. This became a substantial book—a book that contains the main arguments used for evolution/"millions of years" in the education system, and the latest/best creationist arguments dealing with these issues.

We recognize that we can’t get into the public school classroom—but we can equip students across the nation with the ANSWERS they cannot get in most schools. To do this, we are offering this $16 book in case lots of 30 for only $4 per book (plus shipping)! We are subsidizing this to encourage churches, individuals, etc. to purchase case lots and begin getting them into the hands of public school students in their areas. Imagine if we could equip thousands and thousands of such students. The book is also suitable for anyone who wants the basic "millions of years"/evolutionary arguments dealt with from a creationist perspective.

We will also keep this book up to date—as publishers change their textbooks (which they only do every few years), we will update this book and update the special website being constructed to go with the book.

Please pray that many students will be challenged by this book and that many will come to know the Lord as a result.

We praise the Lord for the team the He has brought to AiG to enable us to produce new, up-to-date materials. We are thankful for many of the publications of the past, but we do need to continually update our publications as new arguments arise and as new information is obtained. At AiG, we do our best to be on the cutting edge—and of course the many experts who help us with the Creation Museum content also help us in a big way to do this.

If you want to order a copy or case lots of this new book, click on the image of the book.


I can’t include all of the emails we get, but here is one from today that was written about the new Answers magazine: (I wanted to include representative feedback we get for the latest Answers magazine in my blog throughout this week)

Just wanted to say thanks for the ‘intelligent’ answers to difficult questions. Scientists and ‘bright thinkers’ are constantly coming up with new ideas or ways to interpret the past. When the truth is that no matter how much we think or reason about how, when, where, who or why we all came about, it all comes down to faith. I recently read that now they think that the universe is ‘pill’ shaped...how is anyone going to ‘prove’ that? What good could come of this? Yet, in our schools I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see them teach that as ‘matter of fact’ in the near future.

The Bible says that you can put your faith in God or man, and to be honest, I don’t know what someone would gain by believing anything but creation. I mean, what do you gain if you believe in Buddhism? Hinduism? Islam? Atheism?...only Christianity is based on Love. I look around at the beauty in the landscape here in Texas and just know that when it is all said and done, we better have given God a chance. The smartest men have ‘outsmarted’ themselves time and again. The brightest minds have honed their skills by testing theories and failing over and over again.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.

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