Ph.D. paleontologist endorses Creation Museum

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Answers in Genesis uses a wide range of expertise from across the USA, and other parts of the world, to review articles, museum scripts and so on to ensure scientific and biblical accuracy. We are thrilled that the Lord has provided us so much expertise from outside (and inside) the ministry.

One of the MANY scientists who have been helping us with the Creation Museum is Dr. Kurt Wise. Dr. Wise is a professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, just one and a half hours south of Cincinnati. Dr. Wise has a Ph.D. in Paleontology from Harvard University (he studied under the late Dr. Stephen Jay Gould) and is a biblical creationist (young earth, six literal days, etc.).

Dr. Russell Moore ("second in command" at Southern) spoke to the AiG staff earlier this year, and a professor from Southern will be bringing a devotional to the staff in December.

Recently the news service of the seminary featured an article on Dr. Wise and his consultant work with the AiG Creation Museum. The report stated:

In Kurt Wise's office at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary you can find fossils that secular scientists claim are billions of years old and represent one stage in the long process of man's evolution.

But this Harvard-trained paleontology expert is out to show a better explanation for fossils and that neither science nor the Bible allow for evolution. That's why Wise, director of the Center for Theology and Science and professor of theology and science at Southern, has also agreed to serve as a consultant for the Creation Museum in Florence, Ky., near Cincinnati, Ohio.


The Creation Museum is a project of Answers in Genesis, an apologetics organization focused on answering questions about the book of Genesis.

"It's a good balance of philosophy, theology and science with the priority being on Scripture as a starting point," said Wise, who came to Southern in 2006. "We understand science because we start with the Bible. We understand philosophy because we start with the Bible. [The museum] is an attempt to weave those together."

One goal of the museum is to combine the expertise and resources of two groups in the creationist movement that too often work separately—scientists and popular conveyers of creationist concepts, Wise said. He noted that scientists often have nuanced data that they have difficulty communicating with the public while popular creation speakers often give imprecise scientific data in an effort to present a simple message.

The Creation Museum teams precise science with understandable presentations of data, Wise said, adding that he has consulted with other experts in the fields of biology, geology and astronomy.


"If you don't believe in a young earth, you really cannot—and be consistent—believe in the truth of much of Genesis 1-11," he said. "You have to reject a Babel origin for modern languages. You have to reject a global flood—it has to be a local flood. You have to reject the longevity of the patriarchs—they couldn't possibly have lived for 900 years.

You can read the rest of this interesting report at: Towers Online—SBTS prof. serves as consultant for Cincinnati-area creation museum


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For the past few days in our Cincinnati area, over 16 riverboats have been sailing up and down the Ohio River in a festival called "Tall Stacks." Held every three years, Tall Stacks—named after the big "smokestacks" on the riverboats—draws hundreds of thousands of people to the river. It started Wednesday and ends Sunday. Several AiG staff rode on the large "Belle of Cincinnati." (See the photos, including the "cute" one of our radio producer Ben Wilt and his wife Saron as they enjoyed an evening on the Belle.). They watched as fireworks lit up the Cincinnati skyline. Also, a major music festival has been going on, including a concert by one of my favorite musicians (and AiG supporter), bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs. He once told me that he has viewed many of our AiG DVDs while on his coach as he and his crew have travelled around the country.

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