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The 2nd edition of Answers Magazine has been arriving in people’s homes over the past few days. For those of you who get Answers, you will notice more pages than even the first one. I didn’t think Volume 1 could be improved on, but in my opinion, the second one is even many levels above the first.

I thought it would be good to devote a section of my blog this week to comments/feedback (positive comments/constructive criticism etc) about Answers that you—our readers—would send to us. How about as many of you as possible who currently subscribe and have received the 2nd volume send feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve and meet the needs of the people who receive our publications. You could comment on:

1. Basic appeal/layout and content 2. Kids section 3. Lift out charts 4. The On Line searchable version and extra content (in the special Answers website that connects to each issue)

To get the ball rolling, here is a comment received this past week:

Just received the Oct-Dec Answers. I really like the bright new look with diversity of articles. I especially like to use your publication in teaching children and I appreciate the new quality helps. For a couple of years the magazine has been dragging for me and I found that it was not the one I reaching for in the "reading room". Thank you Mr. Mason and crew for the new excitement! The pictures themselves are popping. I am reaching for this magazine once again!
I won’t be able to include all comments—but I’ll try to include as many on this Blog as possible for this week. To send us some feedback, go to: Answers Feedback.

And if you don’t subscribe—don’t miss out! You can subscribe right now at:


On the way home from Canada today (Saturday), my first flight was from Winnipeg to Minneapolis. As I was getting off the plane in Minneapolis, one of the pilots saw me and said, "are you here to give a talk!." I asked him how he knew who I was. He said he had been to AiG conferences and receives AiG materials—prays for us—and then said, "we can’t wait to come to the Creation Museum!."

In Minneapolis, I went to the gate for my connecting flight to Cincinnati, and a Delta airlines pilot on the same flight recognized me. He also said, "can’t wait for the Museum to be open." When I arrived in Cincinnati, I went to baggage claim—a man came up to me and said, "Ken Ham! I can’t wait until the Museum opens!" (I found out he was from a Bible College in Cincinnati where I have spoken). Everywhere I go, people talk about the Museum! Please pray everything comes together for next year's opening day.

I Just had to pop into the Creation Museum after I arrived home to see the progress! It is amazing what can happen in a few days. I’ll share more about that too over the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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