Creationist persecution at elementary school

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Here is the testimony of a 4th-grader who did not wilt under pressure from teacher and fellow students:

This past weekend one of the kids I work with at church told [m]e about an incident that happened at his school the week prior. Apparently at lunch some of the kids started trying to make him believe evolution (note that this is a 4th grade class) by teasing him about believing creation. His science teacher also joined in this by trying to "prove" evolution and by e-mailing some random biology professor to tell him this. From what I gathered, the teacher at one point told him that, from all the information she had provided him, he "has to believe" evolution. Now for the good news: The kid stood strong on the Word of God. He didn't compromise and didn't flinch under the persecution.

The boy's mother called the school later and caused the teachers to do some major back-pedaling. The science teacher has officially apologized for the incident, claims that she didn't know that the kid believed in biblical creation when this occurred, and has even stated to the class that there are different views and that they won't be discussing evolution in that manner again. Although the situation has been handled for now, I think it is sad to see this high level of persecution even at the elementary school level. However, I am glad to see that there are kids who are standing by God no matter what. I'm proud of this little boy and I thought you all would be glad to hear that even one so young would be willing to stand up for the truth. Praise the Lord!

PS—I made sure the boy had a copy of the Zoo Guide by the next day as little encouragement reward. Thanks AiG!


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If you walked into one of the exhibit rooms under construction at AiG, you would think there were bodies lying everywhere! Actually, they are some of the 50 human figures (a number of which will be animatronic) being delivered for various exhibits. I got to see Eve! You will have to wait until the Museum is open to see her. I have attached two photographs showing the “bodies.” Hope this even “whets your appetite” about coming to the museum when it opens.

Well today I did something my wife has been pleading with me to do for a long time—I spent the morning excavating through “millions of years” of “sedimentary layers” in my home office! I travel that much that I don’t get time to file all my paper work, books, etc.!

On Thursday morning, Dr. David Crandall will be giving a report on his recent ministry trip to Australia.

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