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Over the next few days, I will include some photographs showing progress in different areas of the Creation Museum.

091306_1.jpg 091306_2.jpg

One photograph included today is of the inside expansion of Noah’s Café. Two outside covered decks will be started soon.

The other photograph is of the Sauropod dinosaur (originally sculpted by Buddy Davis) in its place in the Lobby as technicians finalize its installation.

This morning Mike Zovath and I gave a report on our recent trip to the UK including speaking engagements in Oxford and Leicester. Also, this morning, staff members were given a copy of the 2nd Answers magazine “hot off the press.” This magazine is fantastic—if you don’t yet subscribe to Answers, I encourage you to do so—you will not be disappointed. To find out more information go to

We have a special guest visiting from Japan this week.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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