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Right now, Mike Zovath and I are at Gatwick airport. Last night I spoke in Oxford—and left a 2-minute phone blog about the meeting.

Things have changed a lot with security at the airport. I had a small carry-on, but wasn’t even allowed to take that on the plane. I took my computer out—and they wouldn’t even let me take my camera on board as only ONE item is allowed with you—ONE VERY SMALL, VERY VERY SMALL item. Delta should have told this us when we left the USA—but they said our carry-on bags were fine—so it seems there is confusion over what is allowed and what is not! All makes for interesting (and stressful) traveling. Flying is not what it used to be.

Well—Mike was back to his old tricks this morning. We drove out of the parking lot of the hotel—he got on the road, put the car in first gear and stalled it!! I’ve been “kangarooing” over the UK with him!! But then again—we only had about three hours of sleep last night.

Once we get back I’ll begin to put some more photos of the trip and the meetings up on the blog for you. The UK is not the country it used to be. In downtown Oxford, we tried to find a restaurant with traditional English meals—but we found out from the locals there aren’t any! For lunch the choice was Lebanese, Chinese, Italian or a couple of very smoke filled Pubs! We chose Lebanese and had some grilled lamb. Just about everyone we dealt with in stores, restaurants, hotels etc. spoke with a thick accent that was hard to understand—and they weren’t English accents. The world is certainly shrinking—it truly is a global village.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying for AiG.


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