Secular society protests Ken Ham in Leicester

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I have lots of interesting stories to tell you about our UK visit over the next few blogs.

Since I was coming over to the UK for an AiG–UK ministry board meeting, I offered to speak for a couple of days to help make the trip even more effective and reach people with the creation/gospel message. A lot of this was late in the planning, so the AiG–UK organization quickly sent out notices of a meeting they booked for me in Leicester for Friday night and one for Oxford for Saturday afternoon and evening.

Last night (Friday night), 400 people turned out for the Leicester meeting—quite extraordinary given the late notice. The secular society also turned out. Two men began protesting outside the Leicester University Student Union Lecture Hall where the meeting was held. So I decided to go out and talk to them.

They held up posters such as “Creation Museum—Theme Park.” “Noah's Ark—Fairy Tale.” “Are Galaxies Real—or a trick played on us by God.” (At least they had “God” with a capital “G”!)

Then he showed me one entitled, “Ken Ham—prophet of ignorance.” So I asked if I could have my photograph taken with him (see photographs).

I tried to talk with him for a while, but the conversation went like this:

Ken: Why do you hate God? Secularist: I don't hate God—there is no God.

Ken: What is your best evidence for evolution? Secularist: Ask any scientist. Ken: But you are propagating this material against creationists, so you must have evidence consistent with what you believe—what is your best evidence for evolution? Secularist: The fact that Galaxies exist and the light takes billions of years so evolution is true. Ken: Well that's to do with the age question. We can talk about that, but what's your best evidence for Darwinian evolution? Secularist: Ask any scientist.

Ken: Why did you say the Creation Museum is a theme park? Secularist: Well it is. Ken: Have you visited the Creation Museum? Have you talked with our scientists? Do you know what will be said in the museum? Secularist: No, I've never visited it. Ken: Then how do you know it's a theme park? Secularist: It is isn't it because it's a creation museum—and that's not a museum.

Ken: Can you tell me how natural selection is part of the mechanism for evolution? Secularist: What about the Galaxies and how far away they are? [Well I gave up on that one.]

Secularist: You're a rich man. Ken: That's news to me—how do you know I'm a rich man? Secularist: Well you fly all over the world—I can't afford to do that—you're a rich man. Ken: Actually people support meetings like this so I can fly. Do you know my bank account? My mortgage? How can you make such accusations without any information? That's not being a good researcher.

Secularist: There is no way the Grand Canyon was formed during Noah's Flood. Ken: Actually we don't believe it was formed during the Flood. It was most likely formed at the end of the Flood—after the Flood—but the layers were laid down during the Flood. Secularist: There is no way the layers could be laid down by Noah's Flood. Ken: Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon to see the layers—ever done research like our creation scientists have done? Let me tell you about the layers—about bent layers (and I gave him a lot more detail). Secularist: I've never been to the Grand Canyon. I can't afford to—I'm not a rich man like you.

Well—after a while I left him. They eventually packed up and went home.

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  • A 16-year-old boy told me he attended my meeting in Bedford (birth place of John Bunyan) two years ago—as a result he was able to lead three of his friends (2 who are 16 and one 15) to the Lord. He said there are more creationists in the Christian Union group at his school now.
  • A young man and his wife came up to me. This man told me he was taken to church (about 2 years ago) and told the Pastor he couldn't believe the Bible as science had disproved it—millions of years and evolution disproved it. The pastor said a couple of things to him and then gave him two DVDs—one by me and one by Dr. Gary Parker. He watched them and became a Christian.
There were many other testimonies, and I took some photos of some of those giving me testimonies. I'll include these in future blogs.

Well, off to Oxford today. Please pray for these meetings.

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