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Mike Riddle, the leader of an Information Forum that was conducted at AiG last week, sent me the following fascinating report today:

During the week of July 11--15, eleven creation scientists gathered together for a 5-day conference to evaluate and develop a leading scientific theory about information (see team member list below). Each scientist gave a 2-hour lecture/discussion regarding specific aspects of the entity information from the perspective of their scientific discipline. Disciplines included genetics, biology, computer engineering, physics, linguistics, chemistry, physiology, and thermodynamics.

The team of scientists developed a Universal Definition of Information (UDI) based on Werner Gitt’s book, “In the Beginning Was Information.” The agreed upon Universal Definition of Information is:

An encoded, symbolically represented message conveying expected action and intended purpose.

The team also discussed at great depth principles about the origin and nature of ‘information’ that will be proposed as scientific laws.

Projected outcomes of the forum include: · Development of an equipping course (book) for the layperson · Development of an educational documentary (DVD) · Development of a strategy for using information in apologetics and discussions with evolutionists.

Why is understanding UDI such an important topic in the creation/evolution debate? By understanding the origin and nature of information the presupposition of evolution and atheism can be shown invalid and that a Creator God must exist. Information (UDI) is the most effective scientific argument against materialism.


Team Members (also see attached photograph) Werner Gitt, Ph.D. Engineering (Physics/Information Processing) Bob Compton, DVM, Ph.D. Physiology Andy McIntosh, Ph.D. Combustion Theory/Thermodynamics Jason Lisle, Ph.D. Astrophysics Georgia Purdom, Ph.D. Molecular Genetics John Oller, Ph.D. Linguistics Dave Mateer, Computer Science Royal Truman, Ph.D. Chemistry John Sanford, Ph.D. Genetics Kevin Anderson, Ph.D. Microbiology Mike Riddle, Education and team director

Other than answering numerous emails and letters, plus finalizing an article I wrote last night for a coming Answers magazine, today was an uneventful day—except that I did mow the lawn this afternoon (I had to tell you that, as someone asked me what happened to my lawn-mowing!).

There is a Christian leaders luncheon at AiG tomorrow—we conduct two of these a month to bring in Christian leaders and show them the Creation Museum and share our vision with them. They also receive a large quantity of books and DVDs as a gift, paid for by one of our supporters.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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