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Saturday afternoon, the Creation College participants visited AiG headquarters and the Creation Museum. For the first time, Dr. Jason Lisle presented snippets of the first Planetarium program in the Planetarium—wow! What else could one say—wow! To lie back in the special planetarium chair, fly to the moon and land on the moon, fly to Mars and land on Mars, fly out past other planets and solar systems, and hear a narration that gives glory to God and counteracts millions of years and evolutionary teaching ... wow! This is actually happening. This is going to influence thousands—no, millions—of lives.

I used to say that after you go through the Museum, people will be saved in the Consummation Theater and Chapel towards the end. I still believe that, but I think people will get saved watching the Planetarium program before they even go through the rest of the Museum.

I have enclosed a number of photographs of the visit to the Museum and other exciting events that occurred during day four of Creation College.

070106_3.jpg 070106_2.jpg 070106_5.jpg 070106_6.jpg 070106_13.jpg 070106_12.jpg

070106_1.jpg070106_8.jpg 070106_10.jpg 070106_14.jpg

070106_9.jpg 070106_11.jpg 070106_7.jpg

Sunday morning, Dr. Dave Menton and Pastor Don Landis bring the final two messages to challenge the participants.

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