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I have enclosed some photographs of the packed crowd of people and various speakers (Dr. David Menton; Dr. David Crandall; Mike Riddle; Dr. Jason Lisle; Carl Kerby; Dr. Tommy Mitchell) as Creation College 2 continued for its second day of teaching sessions.

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It is also thrilling to me to hear so much feedback from the participants as to how Answers in Genesis has been used to greatly affect their lives. One lady told me that even though she was a Christian, when I spoke in her city 13 years ago, it was a turning point in her life—almost like another "conversion experience," she said. Various participants have told me how they hand out AiG material on campuses or at fairs, etc.

It is also such a blessing to hear the number of creation ministries starting up all over the country. The attendees at this conference have come for intensive training/teaching so they can be better equipped to proclaim the creation/gospel message. We also pray that out of such a conference will come more speakers/writers/researchers to work with AiG.

When I asked how many received the new Answers magazine, most hands in the room went up and then there was spontaneous applause! The response to the new magazine has been beyond what we expected.

Today is day three of Creation College. Please be in prayer for this.

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