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As people have been receiving their first issue of the new Answers magazine, many have been sending comments into the AiG office—and many have been buying bulk copies and giving gift subscriptions—and renewing their subscriptions for multiple years! The response has exceeded our expectations! We believe this magazine is going to have a great impact on the culture. The subscription list is growing much faster than it ever has in the past!

Here is a sample of just some of the many comments received:

We just received the new Answers magazine—WELL DONE!!! It is truly family-friendly and God-glorifying. Kids will love it; adults that may be novice students will love it; and the intellectuals that like to go a lot deeper will love it. The colors, the content, and the commitment to biblical truth are all wrapped up in this magazine. I will highly recommend it!

While reading the story in the inaugural issue entitled "Two Fighting Dinosaurs? Buried in Sand!" during my train ride on the way to work, a little boy peeked over my seat from behind and asked, "Hey Mister, where did you get that really cool dinosaur magazine?" I told him it was the very first one and that "Yeah, it was really cool!" Most gratifying however, was the ability to take the pull-out Kids section (which “happened” to be about the same story) and give it to his mother. May she be the first in a long line to receive the truth as a little child from your new magazine!

P.S. I just sent a gift subscription of Answers to a friend yesterday. I take today's experience as my reward.

Beautiful! Excellent job on the new magazine. I like that it is more in-depth… Answers is just right. I like the balance of dealing with the culture's latest fads (bird flu and Da Vinci Code) while also reiterating the timelessness and authority of God's Word. And thank you for the "Origins" chart in the back! It helps clarify points of view, several of which we did not know much about.

I just received my first issue and wanted to let you know that it was “top flight.” I was especially glad to see the article on worldviews since I am currently working on a paper dealing with worldviews.

I just finished reading my first issue of Answers Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 1) and I loved it. I like the changes that have been made like having measurements in the American system since I do not know the metric system all that well. I liked all the articles, especially the one about the fighting dinosaurs. My favorite sections of the magazine were the Science News, Culture News, and Creation Evangelism blurbs. Thank you for putting that section entitled, "A Tip on Tips." I plan to start leaving brochures/pamphlets with my tips at restaurants now that I’ve read that.

We really enjoy the Kids Answers edition. We saw the dinosaurs that were fossilized so rapidly that they didn't have time to even fall down. My siblings and I liked the find-it section. We had to look up the word apatosaurus. We loved this edition and are very thankful.

A good friend of ours just gave us a copy of your new magazine, and I just wanted to say "Well done!" You guys have done an excellent job again---as you do with everything. The standard of excellence in your organization is bringing glory to our excellent God. You are a blessing to us.

From an AiG Customer Service Representative:

I took a phone order today..[the person] was SO excited about the new magazine. She was calling to order 10 copies of the current issue. When I asked her if she had any feedback she would like me to pass on, she said she hadn’t even read the magazine yet! She took a look at the first three pages, and right away she wanted to buy copies to hand out to her friends. (And they say not to judge a book by its cover!)

From another AiG Customer Service Representative:

I just had a customer who complimented us as having done a “yeoman’s job” especially on the Popular Origins Beliefs poster in the back of Answers magazine. He just ordered 50 of them for a class that he is teaching.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, or you want bulk copies, or you want gift subscriptions or renew your subscription so you won’t miss out on future issues—go to: Answers magazine subscriptions.


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I’ve attached a VERY exciting photograph: the planetarium seats have been installed! The projection system gets installed next week—the museum is coming together!

I’ve also included a photograph showing contractors sanding the floor of the bookstore—the bookstore will be closed for a week while the floor receives its final finish.

Thanks for stopping by and please keep praying.


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