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The long-awaited and promised Genesis of a Legacy book is now print. On Saturday, I was sent a few copies overnight from the printer. I have enclosed two photographs: one with my brother David and his wife Thelly holding a copy of the book and one with my brother David, my brother-in-law Paul (who are visiting right now) and me holding a copy of the book.

(And so he doesn't feel left out, I have included a photo of my nephew Shane with Buddy Davis, as Buddy was playing his dobro on the porch of his log cabin this past Thursday.)


This weekend's lead article on the AiG website features an excerpt from the book:

On the back cover of the book Genesis of a Legacy, we read:

The increasingly rapid decline of the American culture has prompted many parents to be concerned (even alarmed) about their children’s worldview and their stand on God’s Word. Christian families from every social level struggle to remain whole, spiritually and emotionally.

Now, Ken Ham and his brother Steve offer an approach that is at once visionary and traditional, sharing with readers the foundation of the family, beginning in Genesis. It is intensely personal, convicting, down to earth and practical. Both Ken and Steve open up their personal lives and their family upbringing (particularly centered around the spiritual leadership of their dad and training by their godly mom), in one of the most unique and engaging books on the family ever written.

In Genesis of a Legacy, you’ll learn:

* How the family unit has gotten off-track in the culture wars

* Practical tips from Scripture for raising spiritually healthy children

* The real root cause of dysfunctional families

* What the Bible teaches about how to educate children

* The biblical authority for fathers and mothers in raising Godly children

* Why parental discipline is justified and loving

Ken Ham is known the world over as a perceptive commentator on the dangers of Darwinian philosophy in every aspect of society. He and Steve have raised healthy, successful families and are anxious to share with you the “secrets” that have been right under our noses all along!

The book comes with a parenting curriculum and 5 DVDs with six teaching programs by my brother Steve and me, and lots of extra parenting tips from various Christians interviewed specially for this curriculum.

You can purchase the book and curriculum/DVDs at:


Ken and Steve Ham’s book is a noble call to this generation of parents to leave a godly legacy. This is a clear, compelling challenge to send godly messengers to the next generation. A must-read book!

—Dennis Rainey, President, FamilyLife

Ken and Steve Ham have produced a totally unique book on the importance of the Christian family. Their insights are relevant, practical and above all else—biblical. Don’t miss this exciting and helpful new look at the importance of a truly Christian family.

—Dr. Jerry Falwell, Founder/Chancellor/President, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

Thanks for stopping by and please pray for that the Genesis of a Legacy book will have a great impact on families around the world.


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