Unique Grand Canyon photograph

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I’m not sure I should show you this photograph! Someone from the recent Grand Canyon rafting tour I was on sent it in to the office. See if you can guess who is in the waterfall!

Unique Grand Canyon photograph


We just received the new Answers magazine – WELL DONE!!! It is truly family friendly and God glorifying. Kids will love it, adults that may be novice students will love it and the intellectuals that like to go a lot deeper will love it. The colors, the content and the commitment to Biblical truth are all wrapped up in this magazine. I will highly recommend it!” --James Enns, Senior Pastor, Rothbury Community Church, Rothbury, Michigan

If you haven’t subscribed, make sure you do!

We arrived home from Buddy and Kay’s place tonight. Tomorrow, a television crew from Coral Ridge (Dr. D.J. Kennedy’s church) will be at the museum to interview me and record footage of the Creation Museum construction for a future program.

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