Dimetrodon for AiG Creation Museum

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I have attached two photographs of the Dimetrodon (a reptile) that Buddy Davis is currently working on for the Creation Museum.

DimetrodonDimetrodon closeup

Mally, my brother and his family, and I drove up to Henpeck, Ohio, to visit Buddy and Kay for a couple of days.


A press release yesterday reported on a new book called One Spirit: A Creation Story for the 21st Century. The report stated: "Jean Latz Griffin, a former Chicago Tribune reporter who started the first gay and lesbian beat at the Tribune in the late 1980s, wrote the book seven months after her mother died when she realized that when we lose someone that close, we cling to whatever belief system allows us to see that person again and know them as we knew them on Earth."

The report continued: "Rex Wockner, internationally syndicated gay columnist, had this to say about the book: 'The eternal god-like thing was bored with itself, so it initiated the Big Bang, and that's why there now are dragonflies, gays and redwood trees. It's as good of a theory as any!'"

The report states that this book could be used by parents to help them understand about "creation, life, death and eternity."

It's so sad that these people won't read the Book that really does give the true understanding of creation, life, death and eternity—the revealed Word of God.

Every time I read reports like this, I am burdened more and more to see the AiG ministry (and the Creation Museum) proclaim the truth of God's Word in even greater ways.

You can read the entire report at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/6/prweb397367.htm.

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