Answers in Genesis Goes Wild in Indiana

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Speaker / adventurer / dinosaur sculptor Buddy Davis is scheduled to speak at a wild game dinner in a couple of weeks. We have heard some exciting stories about how churches are utilizing these wild game dinners to reach out into their community. The benefit of this outreach is that it attracts so many people who have not heard the gospel and would otherwise not even consider going to a church! We are seeing more and more of these dinners in churches around America, and Buddy is a perfect match for this powerful outreach opportunity. Anyone who enjoys hunting, fishing, or other outdoor activities would appreciate Buddy’s stories and his wonderful, down-home sense of humor. He will share some terrific gospel tunes along with powerful talks that will challenge those in attendance to seriously examine themselves and their walk with the Lord.

Buddy has a heart for kids and holds numerous kids' workshops throughout the year. But his real burden is for the whole family, and he is a terrific friend and encourager for families everywhere. Buddy is in great demand, but this tireless servant and his wife Kay are always ready to “wind that banjo string a little tighter” if it means that someone else will hear the salvation message or learn to fully depend upon God’s Word.

So think about it: wild game suppers and Buddy Davis! What a great combination! How about bringing together a program in your church with humorous anecdotes and stories from the woods, and songs from the great American “outback,” all wrapped up in a creation theme and well seasoned with a gospel message.

This is an effective evangelistic tool to reach out to the community. Christian outdoorsmen will love this opportunity to invite their non-Christian “hunting and fishing buddies” to hear the message of Christ as He is presented as Creator and Savior in this unique presentation from Answers in Genesis.

If your church is interested in scheduling Buddy to speak at your wild game dinner, go to our online request form and get the ball rolling! You can also contact us at 859-727-2222 ext. 403 with any questions you may have. We would be honored to work with you as we seek to share the authority and truth of God’s Word with a lost world.

Tom Miller
Director of Outreach

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