Ken Ham and the "satanic conspiracy"

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I woke up this morning in the UK to find an item on my email saying that I instruct children that "science is a satanic conspiracy!" The article states:

In this country [...] fundamentalist yahoos subject kindergarten-aged children — more than 2,000 at a time — to lectures by Ken Ham, who instructs them that science is a satanic conspiracy against God, and equally insane Lefties teach children that the really, really important thing is to feel good about themselves and never mind worrying about being an ignoramus.

This is nuts; it's national suicide. Reality always gets the last word, and we need desperately to face reality, confront the fact that American education is a ruinous disaster, and start turning-out engineers and scientists. If there still is time, that is.

You can read the entire comment at: The National Science Board …

I never cease to be amazed by the emotional outbursts from those who hate creationists—but then again, I shouldn’t be surprised, knowing the spiritual nature of the issue.

Well, we drive to the Hayes conference center today—the UK conference begins tonight.

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