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We had a good trip over to the UK. But every trip has its funny stories.

We went over to AVIS to get our two rental cars. Mike Zovath asked for his---and they gave him a car---but it was far too small for the passengers he had with him. My rental booking was fine---no problems. So Mike was telling the AVIS representative that his car was not the one he ordered. He was getting fairly firm with them, but then they said he actually didn’t have any booking as his had been canceled anyway. Finally, after Mike was somewhat frustrated, he went and found all his paperwork and handed it to AVIS to PROVE he was right. AVIS looked at it for a while, and then said, "Well, sir, no wonder we have problems---this is a booking for a NATIONAL rent a car!" Now a red-faced Mike Zovath was speechless! I guess AVIS and NATIONAL are somewhat similar words! Anyhow, because they got the car ready for Mike, they then said I could have that car, which was an upgrade on what I had booked—so I got a free upgrade for a rental car because Mike couldn't tell the difference between AVIS and NATIONAL! Oh, the joys of traveling—and I love it when I have stories to tell about others doing such things!

Mally and I, and Tim Dudley, went into London today—we went to the natural history museum (I took a lot more photos for my talks), visited Westminster Abbey, and visited the graves of Charles Darwin, Archbishop Ussher and many others.

We feel really tired tonight! Tomorrow I have to go out early to Gatwick airport to pick up Dr. David Menton and his wife. They are also getting a rental car as they will be staying on for some personal vacation—I just hope they can read their rental booking and go to the right company!


I received a phone call today telling me two different reporters for the London Times want to interview me tomorrow—one for the Science section and one for the Religion section. One of them will meet me at the hotel after I pick up Dr. Menton—presumably the other will meet me at the conference center.

Please---keep praying for the conference here in the UK!


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