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Today was a LONG but rewarding day.

I began the day with an interview with a reporter with the London Times. At one stage she said that the Archbishop of Canterbury said Genesis was an allegory---“and he's the Archbishop." I told her that just because he was the Archbishop didn't mean he was correct. I then explained how all Christian doctrines (like marriage) are founded in Genesis. If Genesis is not literal history, then they have no foundation. She said something like "I'm just a reporter!"

The reporter then told me that lots of reporters like her write articles, but they aren't 100% accurate---they are not always right (I felt like saying "you're so right about that!"). Her point was that if reporters aren't always 100% correct, then because the Bible was written by humans it can't be 100% correct. I then said, "but would you ever claim what you write is the Word of God?" She said, "Not at all." I continued, "would you ever say what you wrote was inspired by God?" Again she said "no." I then said, "well that's the difference isn't it!?" I then explained a little further for her.

Dr. Dave Menton and his wife Debbie flew into Gatwick this morning. They were to follow us from our hotel near Gatwick to the conference center (about a four-hour journey). We started out of the hotel and went through a busy traffic circle with many exits---and lost the Mentons, one minute after starting our journey. Would you believe we met up with them a few hundred yards from the conference center---they took the same amount of time as we did!

Soon after we arrived, I was interviewed by a TV crew from Holland (they also interviewed the other speakers). Tomorrow this crew flies to Cincinnati to film the Creation Museum---they have been working on a creation/evolution program for two years now.

Tonight, Dr. Monty White and I gave the two introductory lectures for the conference. There are approximately 400 people at this conference (the maximum the conference center can take---in fact, sadly, AiG--UK had to turn people away as there just was not enough room).

I have attached four photographs: (1) me being interviewed by the Holland TV crew; (2) a PowerPoint that was shown tonight listing all the countries conference participants are from; (3) the administration building of the Conference Center; (4) part of the crowd in the auditorium tonight.

One lady tonight told me that she saw me on Revelation TV in the UK a number of years ago, and that this helped bring her back to the Lord, and she witnessed to her husband and he became a Christian. It is so thrilling to hear such testimonies.

Thanks for stopping by, and keep praying for this conference. People are really excited.


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