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Last night, I told you of a Prof. Brian Alters from McGill University in Canada who gave a lecture against creation and said "30,000 children" go to the Creation Museum each year---when in fact, the museum doesn't even open until April 2007! If these evolutionists can't even get these facts right, how can one trust other things they say!?

After reading my blog, Dr. Russ Humphreys, (who works with ICR) reminded me that Brian Alters was one of the two scientists he and I debated at Harvard University in 1999 (on the left is the poster that advertised the debate). I had forgotten about this, but the reminder brought back interesting memories! Neither Dr. Humphreys nor I were impressed with Brian Alters (and his colleague Graham Bell).

Dr. Humphreys "ran rings" around these evolutionists! So I'm not surprised one of them would make such an incorrect statement about our museum!

I also remember the moderator of that debate claiming the Bible states that a hare chews its cud and therefore the Bible can't be trusted. However, the Bible does say that a hare eats that which is brought forth again (which is the way the Hebrew reads), which is exactly what the hare does. They eat the pellets they excrete.


Today was a LONG day. There were weather delays because of rain, so flights were delayed, and I had a connecting flight through La Guardia airport. Anyhow, I eventually arrived in Albany to be picked up and taken to the Word of Life Bible Institute. When I arrived in Albany, it was snowing! Whatever happened to spring?

Almost every year for the past 17 years or so, I have had the privilege of teaching all the students at Word of Life in Schroon Lake, New York. This is one of the few Bible colleges that take a stand on a literal Genesis.

Tonight, I gave two lectures to all the first-year students. I give three more lectures on Wednesday, then fly home Wednesday evening. As I leave, Dr. Jason Lisle arrives and continues the creation course through Friday. AiG gives each student a number of booklets and also allows them to get four of our major books at cost. We see this as a great investment in future generations, as many of these young people will take up positions of Christian leadership.

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