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Dr. Georgia Purdom was introduced to the AiG audience at the Creation Mega Conference at Liberty University this past July. She has a Ph.D. in molecular genetics from The Ohio State University and is a gifted communicator. Her new DVD, Intelligent Design: How Intelligent is it? was filmed at the Mega Conference.

As Christmas nears, I have been pondering Christmases past. I vividly remember many wonderful childhood memories of this important occasion. I used to stay up all night and watch the minutes literally pass by on a clock that projected the time on my ceiling. I couldn’t wait to open my presents! I also have vivid memories of Christmas ten years ago as it was the last I would spend with my mother. She died after a short battle with cancer January 9, 1996. My mother always loved the Christmas season and made sure it was extra special for everyone. I can honestly say Christmas has never been the same since.

Some might ask, “How can you believe in a ‘loving’ God that would allow your mother to die and cause such suffering in her life, and in your family’s life?” In fact, a similar question was posed to me by a secular college chaplain recently. My reply was simple—man brought death and suffering into this world, not God. God created everything perfect and gave Adam a choice—to obey God, or to sin. Adam chose to sin and in doing so brought death and suffering upon everything God had created. However, God had a plan to bring redemption to man through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. The very reason we celebrate Christmas is because it is the birthday of Jesus. So all I see is a loving God. I see a God that loved me enough to send His only Son to be born to die, so my sins could be forgiven.

I know this Christmas will be one of the most special ones of all. I have more of a reason this year to send out a Christmas letter, and more of a reason to send a family photo. Our family increased by one this year! On January 9, 2005, my husband Chris and I received our daughter Elizabeth in China. While January 9th will always bring some sad memories, it will also bring many happy ones. I am looking forward to experiencing the childhood joys of Christmas all over again through the eyes of my daughter.

The Christmas season truly gives us a time to reflect on what has happened over the past year as we look back ourselves and read about others’ trials and joys through the Christmas letters we receive. I’ve personally read about births, deaths, miscarriages, new jobs, new houses, and new marriages. While I may not always know the reasons why things happen as they do, I trust in a loving God who does.

Have a joyous and blessed Christmas,


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