AiG–US board chairman brings Christmas message

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On Wednesday morning, Pastor Don Landis, chairman of the board of directors for Answers in Genesis–US, brought a challenging Christmas message to the staff. Don was vacationing in Phoenix. Using his cell phone, he was "piped" into the PA system in the Special Effects Theater so he could speak live to the AiG staff. We had the picture of Don up on our big screen.

It is important for the staff to see not only the governance aspect of the board, but also the spiritual leadership they bring as well. Also, it is very important for the staff to see that all of us at AiG (from the CEO down) are accountable to the board.

I wanted you all to have the opportunity to hear Don’s message. All you have to do is sit back and listen and be challenged by Pastor Don.

Many of the staff will be taking vacation over the next few weeks, so some parts of the AiG ministry (e.g., seminar ministry) will slow down a little.

Thanks for stopping by—and please keep praying for those end-of-year donations AiG needs.


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