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AiG’s annual Christmas Party was held Tuesday evening. I was so proud of our staff—what a marvelous and professional job they did—and what a great program (and great food).

One of the highlights was the contest among four divisions to creatively wrap up a staff member as a Christmas package. What a fun time that was. Mark Looy, Mike Zovath and myself were asked to be the judges! After much discussion, we decided the "snowman" package designed by the Outreach Division was the winner. One of the outreach staff was wrapped in wire netting, then white paper, arms, a carrot nose, etc., were added—it was very creative!

It was an emotional moment for me to look around the room and see the "AiG family"—so many talented and dedicated Christians whom the Lord has brought to the ministry. At the end, the staff, in a very creative way, presented me with a special plaque thanking me for my leadership, and the gift of an iPod. What an encouragement this was to Mally and me. I will use the iPod to listen to lectures as I spend hours on airplane flights. This was the best AiG Christmas party ever! Thanks to all the staff involved in making this event such a success.

I had another busy day of meetings today. On Wednesday morning, the AiG-USA board chairman, Pastor Don Landis, will be bringing a special Christmas devotion (via telephone piped into our PA system in the Special Effects Theatre) to our staff for the morning devotion time. Later today I will be addressing a number of law enforcement personnel who will be visiting our offices. Later, I am taking my wife Mally out for lunch for her birthday. Her favorite food is Chinese—so we’ll go to our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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