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This morning (Monday), the Museum Team had a surprise birthday party for Mike Zovath—AiG’s VP in charge of the museum. Mike was one of the three (Mark Looy, Mike Zovath and myself) who came to Kentucky nearly 12 years ago to begin the Answers in Genesis ministry. And how old is Mike? Well let’s put it this way: in four years time he will be 60. At that time, I will still be able to tell everyone that I’m in my fifties! I’ve attached a couple of photographs of Mike at his breakfast party.

One Race

Here is an email received today regarding AiG’s influence concerning the race issue:

Thank You! As a result of reading and studying your materials over the years it is now IMPOSSIBLE for me to think of people according to race. As in “different races.” I can only think of ONE race, the human race, the way God created us. It disturbs me now when I read of “races” in secular and even Christian news articles. Thank you for exposing and promoting the Truth!

Other than the birthday party, today was a long day of meetings with staff and others. A prospective publicist met with us concerning the media, leading up to the museum opening in 2007. I also met with our strategic marketing consultant and interviewed a prospective employee for a key position in the ministry.

More from Terry Mortenson

Yesterday I shared part of the report from Dr. Terry Mortenson concerning the ETS convention he attended recently. If you haven’t read yesterday’s blog entry concerning this, I encourage you to read it before continuing. Today I have included the final part of Terry’s report on this conference:

ETS—Friday (18 Nov.)

One prominent evangelical philosopher (a weak young-earther), one prominent Old Testament scholar (who advocates the day-age view) and one prominent systematic theologian (who is unsure about the age of the earth) came by the booth and bought at least one book today. I was able to talk to the theologian for 10 minutes. This was a miracle as I have been trying by email for over a year to influence him to look more deeply into this issue.

I had asked in an email about three weeks ago if we could meet for an hour at ETS to discuss the age of the earth and why it is important. He had refused, saying that he’d be happy to talk for 2–3 minutes, if we ran into each other. I was very disappointed. But on Thursday he came by the AiG booth and said he would try to stop by on Friday. He did and I figured I had three minutes, so started talking fast!

I explained that belief in millions of years undermines the Bible’s teaching on death and on the character of God and also that his belief in a global flood is contradictory to his openness to millions of years. It appeared that some lights were beginning to come on. He had no idea that there was cancer in dinosaur bones and fossilized thorns (both dated at hundreds of millions of years) and was beginning to see that this was a problem for his belief that the fall of Adam and Eve had a cosmic impact. I also explained that the millions of years idea came from anti-biblical philosophical assumptions used to interpret the rocks and fossils.

At my suggestion, he agreed to buy the new book on radiometric dating (Thousands… Not Billions) and my new DVD lecture Millions of Years: where did the idea come from?. Please pause right now and pray for these three scholars in particular—that the books and DVDs they bought will have a profound impact on their thinking. Pray too for Radu, the NT professor, who bought the book on radiometric dating on Thursday.

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