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One of our staff brought to my attention today a course that is being taught at The College Of Wooster in Ohio, an independent college that has Presbyterian connections.

In a course called "Geology Confronts Creationism," students will be instructed as to how to supposedly refute the literal creationists. Part of the description of the course states:

Creationism as popularly defined includes the belief that Noah's Flood was real, global in its extent, and about a year in duration. These beliefs and others taken from a literal interpretation of the Bible are clearly contradicted by scientific evidence, especially that of geology. 'Scientific Creationists' know this and have developed an extensive and popular 'refutation' of modern geology, complete with geological evidence for the Flood, claims that dinosaurs lived with people, denials of radiometric dating, and catastrophic explanations for the fossil record. This is clearly pseudoscience and delusion, leading most geologists to simply ignore Creationism, but the movement has gained in energy and adherents in the past decade. … The anti-geology of Creationism gives us a chance to strengthen the conceptual foundation of geology as we learn how to respond. Our task in this seminar course will be to study the geological arguments of Creationism and then address them in various ways.

You can also view the complete course description.


Such a course is not surprising considering the position of the church that meets on campus:

Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) was founded in 18?? [note: the "??" is from their own info page] as the congregation-in-residence at the College of Wooster. From its roots as a congregation serving an academic community, WPC has expanded to include members from all segments of the Wayne County community.

The adult education section of this church's website describes one of the classes available:

Adult Education: Beginning August 28, 9:30 a.m. the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wooster, Ohio, will be offering a series of Adult Education Classes for those interested in learning more about the Church's past thirty five year history of supporting Women's Choice in the Roe vs. Wade controversy. We will look at the biblical, cultural, social and theological issues involved, and, review in-depth the expanding understanding of Women's Choice. Feel free to join us and participate in this timely discussion.

The rejection of a literal Genesis goes hand-in-hand with the acceptance of abortion! Wooster College is not alone, of course---so many colleges across the nation, both secular and "Christian," teach the same sort of material to their students. No wonder we see America become more secularized every day.

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