God bless you on this day of Thanksgiving

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One of the attached photos shows our family and friends who gathered at our house for the traditional Thanksgiving meal today. What a reminder as to how thankful we are for special friends who stand by us and encourage us.

I've also attached a photo of our "Down Under" Thanksgiving meal: roast lamb with gravy and mint sauce (notice I put this one first---my favorite!), turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, yams with marshmallows, chicken and noodles, fruit salad, stuffing … (yum!).

We can probably avoid food for a week now! And, of course, we had great desserts---strawberry trifle, caramel tart, pumpkin pie, and ice cream.


We also celebrated two birthdays today (see attached photographs). Our first grandchild, Malachi, turned six TODAY. Our second grandchild, Katherine, turns four in December---but as a number of the family will be away, we decided to celebrate her birthday today as well.

I trust all of you had a great Thanksgiving too, and were able to enjoy your family and friends as we did. Most of all, we thank the Lord for all He does for us day by day, and for the free gift of salvation.

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