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Today was our first snow of the winter! I have attached a photograph of the AiG complex as the snow was falling.


I have attached a photograph of Ian and Jessie Hodges. They are an Australian couple who were brought over to America (to Ohio) during the last year to work with a Christian business magazine. Ian is the publisher and CEO of the magazine. It was great to have them visit today and hear more Aussie accents around the office. They remember me from the early days in Australia when I was doing the "hard slog" around the country as we started to build up the creation ministry "Down Under". They were the days when Mally and I didn’t have a salary and I often was away from home on the road speaking for 3–4 weeks at a time. They were the pioneering days of the creation ministry in Australia. I spent a few hours with Ian and Jessie showing them around, then lunch in our Noah’s Café.


This afternoon I had to autograph hundreds of books that are used as part of the Creation Museum Charter Member program. My hand was tired after I signed all of these!

The staff have the next two days off for Thanksgiving. Our family is having the traditional turkey (our daughter Renee is cooking this)---but still being Australian at heart, I am cooking a leg of lamb! I'm not sure how many American homes will have roast lamb for lunch on Thanksgiving, but there’ll be at least one! We’re also having pumpkin pie---and some Aussie desserts as well, of course! So we are having the Ham traditional "Down Under" Thanksgiving menu!

God bless you during this time of giving thanks---and thanks for stopping by,


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