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Many of you have no doubt heard of the most famous history book in the world (other than the Bible)---The Annals of the World, by Archbishop Ussher. It was out of print for nearly 400 years. Larry and Marion Pierce from Canada spent five years re-translating Ussher’s history book from Latin and updating the references. We have been selling this book for some time now---and it has proved to be very popular.

Ussher is renowned for working out the date of creation at just over 4,000 years BC (about six thousand years ago) using the genealogies in the Bible.

Larry and Marion are visiting with us for Thanksgiving. Today, Larry spent considerable time with the Creation Museum’s lead scriptwriter, Mike Matthews. We are using Ussher’s chronology in our museum exhibits and so Larry is assisting us to ensure the right dates are used for the seven C’s / Walk through History.


This afternoon, I spent a couple of hours taking all our volunteer tour guides on a walk through the Creation Museum as part of a training program. These tour guides volunteer to take visitors through the museum construction and are a very special part of what we do here at the museum. Visitors arrive every day---up to 200 on some days---asking to see the museum construction.


As we had a combined chapel this morning, I took some time to wish all the staff a happy Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday are holidays) and to bring them a short message based on Proverbs 21:3, "To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice." I thanked the staff for all the work they do at AiG, and for the sacrifice of time and energy they willingly give. But I reminded them that what is most important is that they love God, and thus love His Word and love their neighbors.

I also signed hundreds of our monthly letters, and met with some staff concerning the library we are getting ready to construct as soon as the temporary bookstore is moved into its permanent location in the museum complex early next year. AiG has been given some very valuable collections with some rare books that will be a great asset for our researchers/writers, etc. It is going to cost around $40,000 for all the shelving. We are going to have to raise this money as it was not in the budget---so please pray with us as we really need to house these collections so they can be available for use.

We ended the day with a leadership team meeting, and then Mally and I and the Looy family went out for supper. It is great to be able to work with some very good friends.

I have meetings with various staff and appointments with special guests to fill my day tomorrow. I also have to sign hundreds of books that are sent out as part of our Creation Museum Charter Membership program.

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