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I praise the Lord for the visionary leaders who have been led to AiG. Tom Miller is our Director of Outreach and is a member of the leadership team that gives oversight to the whole ministry. Under Tom’s leadership, the outreach ministry is growing and reaching more people each year with the creation/gospel message.

Recently, Tom formulated a plan to reach even more people across the USA. He has set up a ministry to conduct video conferences across the nation. Volunteer video coordinators were called for---and so far 65 have signed up (see attached map showing the locations of these coordinators). To sign up is quite a commitment---for instance, the coordinators have to come to AiG (at their own expense) for training and certification. At the rate coordinators are signing up, this will become a major part of AiG’s outreach. To find out more about this ministry (or to discover how you can get involved), visit our Video Conference Coordinator page.


In an interesting article in the London Daily Telegraph, the press insinuated that museums in America like the Natural History Museum in New York can’t find corporate sponsors for their evolutionary exhibits. They claim it’s because corporate sponsors are worried that too many Americans are creationists and they don’t want to upset them, etc.

However, the secular world has millions and millions of dollars at their disposal---and literally billions of dollars around the world have been invested in secular, evolutionary museums. In this same article, the reporter stated:

While the Darwin exhibition has been unable to find a business backer---unlike previous exhibitions at the museum---the Creationist Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio, which takes literally the Bible's account of creation, has recently raised $7 million in donations.
Actually, the Lord has enabled AiG to raise $18 million---we have about $7 million to go!

You may be interested in reading the whole article at: The Telegraph - "Darwin Exhibit"

Well---I had a busy day of meetings today, ending with an interview with a prospective new employee. It was too cold to mow the lawn (I don’t know what I’m going to do now that the lawn-mowing season is basically over for the year!), so tonight, Mally and I took our Canadian friends Larry and Marion Pierce out to dinner at Newport (on the Ohio River).

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