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Today we learned of the death of the great Bible teacher and Christian leader, Dr. Adrian Rogers. I have written a tribute to Dr. Rogers that you can read here. Dr. Rogers allowed me to preach from his pulpit on a couple of occasions. One of our most popular videos (and one of my most vital messages on the relevance of creation), Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture, was filmed during one of these times.


You may recall one of my past blogs (September 26th) where we asked people to pray for a young staff member, Tressa, who had major complications with a pregnancy. Mark Looy recounts what happened today:

Every workday, the AiG-US staff gathers at 8:30 am for announcements, prayer and, often, a devotional. There's plenty of variety each time, but no meeting was more memorable or more poignant than this morning's staff meeting (Tuesday).

A few of us planned to surprise the staff today with a living, breathing answer to prayer. For several months, AiG has been praying for staff member Tressa Beier through a very rough pregnancy; she missed many days at work and was eventually bedridden for four weeks straight before delivering her son, Zade. After the birth, Tressa's liver and kidneys started shutting down. Her condition was grave (even as she was on dialysis), and, frankly, we thought we would lose her.

After two weeks in the hospital, she started improving and a week later (October 11), she was home.

One doctor called her recovery "unbelievable," and another told her that "the Lord is the only reason you are still here today." (She even became a case study for doctors in our Tri-state region.) Today, Tressa is back to what she would call 70%---a huge improvement, but she tires easily.

So this morning, after a long absence from AiG, Tressa walked through the doors and stepped inside the new auditorium with the staff gathered inside, and was met with gasps of surprise. With Zade in her arms and her husband Nathan (who works at AiG as well) at her side, Tressa walked down the steps to the front of the auditorium. It was a tearful reunion for her and the staff.

After Tressa and Nathan thanked the staff for the many hospital visits and meals brought to their home, we closed the emotional reunion with the singing of "Amazing Grace." It was a goose-bump time.

To God be the glory! Please pray for Tressa's full recovery.

WOW, what a day. The "home-going" of a great man of God---and the "home-coming" of a new mother and her baby!

A lot more happened today---and I promised to tell you about more of the media coverage---but I didn't want to distract from the two items above.

Pray for Dr. Rogers' family and praise the Lord for little Zade and Tressa's recovery.

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