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In one of my previous entries, I mentioned that someone came and especially thanked my wife---many don't realize how her support behind the scenes has been so vital in enabling me to be in this ministry. After reading it, someone sent in this feedback:

I thought it was great that someone went up to Mally to thank her at the recent worldview conference. I would like to thank her, too. Thanks, Mally for being a 'wife of noble character' and making the many sacrifices you have over the years! You are an amazing woman of God. Blessings to you and your family. We are praying for you.

It was thrilling to read this feedback from the Kansas conference:

I just want to thank Ken Ham for coming all the way to Kansas this past weekend and to tell him of the profound impact the Worldview Weekend had on my 18 year old son. He is very interested and aware of world events and politics and this weekend helped him coalesce his beliefs into a clear, logical set of cogent arguments to have available when he is called upon to defend his position. Thank you, and God bless your efforts.

I thought you would be interested to see some more of the artwork that Jon Taylor is doing for my new Creation Children's Bible rhyme book to be published early next year. The left-hand side shows the black-and-white sketch---the right-hand side shows how the artwork looks when it is completed.

Today was a day of meetings. It is so exciting to walk into the office and see how busy things are. Praise God there is so much interest in the creation ministry. I came home early to---yes---mow the grass! However, it was mainly leaves I was mowing to tidy things up. I probably won't have to mow much, if at all now, until next year---what will I talk about in my BLOG if I'm not mowing the lawn?!

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