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Tonight I gave the opening lecture at the Worldview Conference (run by Brannon Howse) in Sevierville, Tennessee. During the break after I spoke, people lined up to talk with me---testimony after testimony. I had a few families tell me they home school because of the influence of AiG. One man said he had been a theistic evolutionist, but became a six-day literal creationist after finding AiG's web site and reading the book The Lie---which he had me autograph. A medical doctor from India said he was a Hindu but became a Christian after finding a book on the problems with evolution.


I'm not talking about a computer mouse---but a real mouse! Our special volunteers, Bob and Jan Thomspon, who also run video conferences, are in California at the present time. We will catch up with them on Sunday at the church I'm speaking at near St. Bernardino. I found out today that Jan destroyed her laptop computer! Apparently, while she was in front of the computer holding a cup of coffee, a mouse ran down her arm. Well, you can imagine the rest! The computer is apparently not fixable! I think I'm going to give Bob and Jan some mouse traps for Christmas!

We leave for California on Saturday. Sunday and Monday are VERY busy teaching days---for information, check our events calendar.

Thanks for praying.


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