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This afternoon I was interviewed for an Australian ABC television program called Lateline. Sound bites will be taken from the interview and used in a program within the next 10 days. Please pray for the producer as they put this program together.


On Tuesday afternoon I will be interviewed for the Australian television program 60 Minutes. On Thursday, a 60 Minutes-type program from France will interview me. While they are doing that, the local FOX news channel will also be filming to show our local area the worldwide interest in the museum.


Today (Monday), Dr. Kurt Wise from Bryan College in Tennessee visited with his wife. Dr. Wise also spoke at a "brown bag" lunch. He gave a brilliant presentation on "Baraminology." He gave some very interesting information on what the original created KINDS may have been, and even suggested Noah’s Ark may have only needed as few as 1,000 animals (allowing a LOT of room for people---who sadly [except for eight] did not get on board). You can download the presentation Dr. Wise gave here.


Mally and I had our photograph taken today for our yearly prayer magnet we send out to various people. I have enclosed a copy of the photo to give you a preview!

Tonight Mally and I and a number of friends went out for dinner at the home of one of our very favorite couples: Marlene and Dick Sauer. We had a great evening of fellowship. Both Marlene and Dick volunteer regularly at AiG, and have been volunteers basically since AiG started.

Tuesday is a another busy day---beginning with a dreaded dentist visit! Another reminder of a sin-cursed universe---the answers in Genesis.

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