Great response in Boise

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Tonight was the beginning of the AiG conference in Boise. Around 2500 people turned out! The auditorium filled--then the overflow in the chapel filled--then the Gym overflow nearly filled! There were people everywhere. I have enclosed a photograph of just the auditorium as it was filling up.

During the book break you could hardly move around the lobby where the book tables were located! We sold out of our library packs (70) on this first night!

This morning I spoke at two services at the same church--the auditorium was fairly full both times. I have enclosed a photograph of one of the services.

After the services this morning, Carl Kerby (who was speaking in the area as well) and myself went to lunch with a couple who support AiG. We had a great time of fellowship.

I was then taken to the facilities of "Mission Media"--a non profit Christian organization that uses media (ads on TV, etc.) to disseminate information.

This group is putting together a web site that will have video clips from many Christian leaders answering questions in 3-5 minute segments. They recorded about 8 segments with me answering various questions about creation/evolution, Genesis etc. (see photograph).

Tomorrow we have school assemblies morning and afternoon, then the evening program. Thanks for your prayers


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