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What a blessing to receive the following email from a solider deployed in Iraq. I have also included two of the photos he sent:

I am a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army, currently deployed to Iraq. I have been fortunate enough to have discovered your website while in country and I make it a point to check in on a regular basis. Your ministry has been a wonderful and powerful tool in my walk with Christ. I find it more and more difficult in these times to discern truth in our society and your ministry has helped to provide a plethora of resources. I recently became a charter member of the Creation Museum because I believe your ministry will be the future of the Christian Church. When my wife and I eventually have children I want them to have the opportunity to understand the world around them through the eyes of our Creator.

I recently received your evangelist materials and decided to set them up in our Tactical Operations Center (TOC), next to our coffee pot. I have included some photos of the display. I have been able to use your materials as a tool to witness. I am amazed at the different views even among supposed Christians, and I believe that the Lord will use these materials to convict some of these people. I pray that this humble coffee spot be used in a mighty way. Again thank you so much for your hard work at AiG. I am always grateful.

Sincerely SSG E.C U.S. Army Infantry Division Baghdad, Iraq


Dale Mason, AiGs VP of Marketing & Media sent me a copy of an advertisement his team is putting in an upcoming issue of National Religious Broadcasters magazine. I love the way computers can be used to make me look good! Ive attached a copy of the advertisement below.


Recently the Washington Post carried a major news article on the Creation Museum. A number of news sources across the country either reprinted or referred to the article. Here are three examples:

AiGs Katrina Relief effort was mentioned by a number of news sourcesthe following is one example from the Christian Bookesellers Association October Christian Market Place:

ANSWERS IN GENESIS TEAM GOES TO MISSISSIPPI. An Answers in Genesis work team took backpacks plus school supplies for 4,000 public-school students to the Ocean Springs, MS, community. Personal-hygiene kits and other supplies also were distributed. Several companies made donations including use of a tractor-trailer, shipping cartons to transport freight, and labor. For more, visit .


Today I spent a few hour with the Museum Design Team going over the Scripts and exhibit design. We will spend a few more hours on Friday. As we are now building exhibits, sending scripts to the video producers etc., it is time to do a lot of fine tuning. I expect to spend many many more hours (increasingly so) involved in this over the coming months.

Keep praying for our staff member Tressa. Her new born baby is doing wellTressas kidneys are still not functioningshe is still in critical condition.

Thanks for stopping by and please keep praying!


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