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AiG has been so blessed to have literally thousands of volunteers over the years to help the ministry in so many varied ways. This year alone we’ve had over 1,000 different volunteers helping inside and outside the building.

Today we had a special luncheon for four very special volunteers.

Lou and Shirley Dattolo turned up a few months ago to stay a short while, but that turned into many months. Shirley helped in the AiG’s print shop, while Lou mowed the grassday after day. I think Lou knows every inch of the property. On Monday they leave for Florida (just as winter is on the way), but they said today at the luncheon, “we’re coming back!” I have enclosed photos of Lou and Shirley. The second is of Lou and Shirley and Bob and Jan Thompson (see next paragraph); The last one is of Lou on his “favorite” mower with Shirley in front of the AiG Creation Museum building. Bob and Jan Thompson (see photo) also came a couple of years ago—and have basically made AiG their permanent home! They are leaving on Saturday to travel back to California—on the way they will be conducting a couple of AiG video seminars. They will also be meeting up with me in California in November to help at a couple of programs I will be speaking at—then, Lord willing, they will be back to AiG next year. We’re “allowing” them to spend time with their children and grandchildren over Christmas!

Most Scientific Papers Are Probably Wrong

The above title is the name of an interesting paper many of you might find fascinating:

Musuem Exhibits and Scripts

Today I spent a few hours with members of the Museum exhibit team as we discussed exhibits and scripts for the Creation Museum. For the next year, a lot of my spare time will be involved in doing this. Don’t forget to also follow the Museum Blog at:

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