Surprise Visitors to AiG

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Surprise Australian Visitors

Mally and I had an exciting day! A few days ago, a friend from Australia who I have known for 30 years called and said the company he worked for was sending him to the USA for a conference. He worked in a visit with us for a day and tour the Creation Museum.

We first met Kevin Skerman in the town of Dalby (near Brisbane, Australia) where I was sent for my first teaching appointment. Dalby has always had a very special place in our hearts. Our first child Nathan was born in Dalby. I gave my first ever creation talk when we lived in Dalby. Some of the closest and best friends we’ve ever made were in Dalby. When we return to Australia, we either visit these friends or many of them visit us while we stay near Brisbane.

Kevin arrive last night with a colleague (less one piece of luggage lost by the airline! It was delivered at 8:00 am!). I have enclosed photographs showing Kevin and his colleague Greg at the Museum.

1. Looking at the animatronic Pterodactyl being constructed for the entrance to the bookstore; 2. Standing in front of the T-Rex in the 7 C’s walk through area; 3. Standing in the lobby in front of the waterfall and the two animatronic children. You can also see a couple of Museum staff painting one of the Cyprus trees in the background.

Another two special visitors arrived tonight. David and Joy Rozelle from Florida (David is the head of a mission organization to South America) came to visit for a couple of days. David used to live in Scotland--he organized a number of speaking engagements for me during various tours to the UK. I and others have stayed with David in his house in Scotland on a number of occasions. After his first wife died, David returned to the USA to take up his new position.

We took Dave, Joy and Kevin and Greg to one of our favorite fish restaurants down on the river overlooking Cincinnati.

American Family Radio

American Family Radio called me today to conduct an interview about AiG’s relief effort in Ocean Springs Mississippi. (Make sure you read the final reports on this phenomenal project here: On the Road to Mississippi — Katrina Outreach Update.

The interview will be aired on AFR and also used for an article for Agape Press.

Computer Problems

Well I’m still dealing with computer problems from the major crash I had—I am up and running on an old computer—and will have wait a few days until my computer is sent back from the manufacturer. It’s been a PAIN!

Master Books

Today a team from Master Books (the publisher who publishes the major creation books in the world) visited AiG to talk with various staff about upcoming projects. I spent a couple of hours with them also. There are some very exciting projects underway—very exciting. Lots of things are happening behind the scenes.

Thanks for stopping by and please keep praying.


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