Windows Came After the Fall . . .

by Ken Ham on September 26, 2005

I had a rather stressful weekend! I flew to Springfield Missouri on Saturday to speak at a church Saturday evening and Sunday morning—then to another church Sunday evening.

On Saturday afternoon, I found my new computer would not come out from “hibernation” mode. It totally failed! We are prepared for such occasions by carrying backups of our talks on USB drives. I was able to use the computer of one of our staff who was with me for the weekend, and rebuild the talks I needed for this series of programs.

When I got back to the office today (Monday) our IT Director found (after hours of searching and experimenting) that Windows XP has a known problem (even though it’s supposedly rare) in that it can become corrupted and lock you out of your computer. We found that it had also corrupted the bios of the computer and corrupted the hard drive. We had to send the computer back to the manufacturer and totally reformat the hard drive. We do have three different sorts of back ups of my computer at the office—but it will take some time to restore everything—and in the meantime I am using an old computer. Remember—Windows software came AFTER the fall!! And for those of you who use Windows XP, I would suggest you don’t use hibernation mode at all—apparently standby is fine. But you never know when this rare (but known) problem will hit your computer!

In Missouri

On Saturday night, about 900 people turned out for the 2 sessions—then on Sunday morning about 1,200 people attended the worship service. The pastor of this church was thrilled with the ministry and the entire staff “bent over backwards” to help us, make us feel welcome and ensure we had everything we needed to communicate the messages we bring.

After all the sessions, I had a large number of people come up and give me testimonies of how AiG had changed their lives. We have been to this area a number of years ago, and one could certainly tell that—many of the testimonies concerned how the books, previous lectures etc., had greatly influenced young and old. I also met a number of professors from local academic institutions—some from the secular university—some from a local Christian university. There are obviously more PhD scientists who are creationists in secular colleges than people realize.

Just before I left the church Saturday night to go back to the hotel, a local doctor who attended the program came up and argued for over half and hour about the age of the earth issue—I must admit I have never ever had anyone use the absurd arguments he did. For instance, he said that because he was in Missouri and not in Canberra Australia, therefore one couldn’t know Canberra existed and thus my argument about a human not being there in the past to see the earth start was invalid! I couldn’t work that one out! Then he said because the measurement of the day may have changed by a few seconds in the past few thousand years, therefore the word day in Genesis one didn’t mean an ordinary day and could mean millions of years. Well—it got much worse than that! I went back to the hotel with a headache!!

On Sunday evening I spoke to 2,000 people in the largest church in the area. We had a great response—afterwards people lined up for over an hour to talk with me—ask questions—give testimony as to how the message changed their lives etc.


AiG’s Katrina Relief team arrive back this evening from Mississippi. For their latest updates, got to our special blog at: On the Road to Mississippi — Katrina Outreach Update


A substantial article about AiG’s Creation Museum (myself and Mark Looy were interviewed by the reporter last week for this) appeared in Sunday’s newspaper. You can read more about this (and link to the actual article) from a news item we put in AiG’s website: AiG’s Katrina Outreach

For Prayer and Praise

We praise the Lord for the safe delivery of Zade Nathan Beier—born to AiG employees Nathan and Tressa Beier. However, Tressa became critically ill after the delivery and is in intensive care. Tressa has liver and kidney problems—at one stage doctors were worried she would need a liver transplant. Please pray for Tressa and the Beier family. I’ve included a photograph of baby Zade and father Nathan. (Nathan works in the Museum exhibit construction—Tressa works in customer service). Thanks for stopping by


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