Lingering effect of Katrina

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waterfalls_2_2.jpgToday, the remnants of Hurricane Katrina went through Northern Kentucky. It rained all day—quite heavy at times. Patrick Marsh, who is in charge of the exhibit design for the Creation Museum, has designed a system of chains hung from the downspouts taking water off the roof of the AiG building. When it rains, these chains create a waterfall effect along the side of the building. The enclosed picture shows this feature.


The devastation from Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi and other states is horrific. I was supposed to travel down to Mississippi for a seminar in just over a week. We are very doubtful these meetings will still go ahead as planned—the area where I'm supposed to speak was one of the hardest hit by the hurricane. We have not been able to contact the church or any of the organizers. We have no idea of their situation or needs, but we would ask you to pray for them during this trying time. The seminar was to be held at the 1st Baptist Church of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. We will keep trying to make contact.


spread3.jpgI am working on a new children's book with AiG's Creation Museum artist Jon Taylor. I wrote a series of rhymes to sum up the message in the Bible from Creation to Revelation. A sample of Jon's striking artwork is enclosed. This book will most likely be released in the New Year.


I will be addressing the staff at our 8:30 am meeting on Thursday and showing many of the photos I took while Mally and I toured Israel recently. Shortly after I conclude my talk (around 9:30 am or so), you will be able to view my talk, including the photographs I showed on this blog. I just love the technology we have today.

I had lots of meetings today (Tuesday). On Wednesday, I will be meeting with our major publisher to discuss various projects we have planned for the future.

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