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We didn’t arrange this, but it so happened that our guest speaker at staff meeting today played an interesting part in the beginnings of what is now the ministry of Answers in Genesis. 30 years ago this year I gave my first ever public talk on creation in Petrie Terrace Baptist Church in the city of Brisbane, Australia. Today, the pastor who gave me his pulpit those many years ago, spoke to our staff at our 8:30 am staff meeting.

As I introduced Pastor Alan Cossgrove, I explained that 30 years ago I used the book The Genesis Flood, and another series of books to develop my first ever public talk. At the time I was a public high school teacher in the town of Dalby (two and a half hours west of Brisbane). The church we attended in Dalby, Dalby Baptist Church had a "Youth Exchange" with Petrie Terrace Baptist Church in Brisbane. The youth groups from each church would travel to the other church and take the Sunday services. Because I was a teacher, I was asked to give the Sunday morning message, so I selected a topic dealing with the creation vs. evolution issue.

It was a thrill in this 30th anniversary year of my first public creation presentation to introduce Pastor Alan Cossgrove to speak to the 140 staff at AiG-USA. Pastor Cossgrove is pastor of Belmont Baptist Church in the Newcastle area (north of Sydney) Australia.

Tonight, we took Allan and Sue to one of our favorite restaurants at Newport on the Ohio River.

Meetings and Meetings

Today I had a lot of meetings with various staff and the entire leadership team. We are still in need of a Director of Advancement and we spent some time discussing this issue. We really need to pray the Lord provides the right person. You can see a job description on our job vacancie section on AiG’s web site.

Staff Picnic

Preparations are underway for the big picnic on Saturday for our staff, their familes and our numerous volunteers and their families. Lots of fun things including an inner-tube pull across the lake contest, volleyball, a pie eating contest and lots more. I will be presenting various trophies to winners and winning teams.

Agape Press

I thought you might be interested in reading this article that was written about Harvard University’’s announcement to spend $1 million a year to show that life can be explained without any divine intervention. This article is from a Christian Media source——they interviewed me a few days ago.

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