Monday in Athens

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Today, Buddy and I spoke to hundreds of children and young people. The auditorium was full this morning and this afternoon with elementary age students and highschoolers.

Many lined up to have their photos taken with Buddy and his puppet dinosaur. Others lined up for autographs. It is so thrilling to see so many children and youth who are hungry for answers so they can defend their faith and witness to others.

I have enclosed some photos taken by one of the teachers at the local Christian school of Buddy and myself at the children program this morning--also one of a few of the children in the audience.

I did take a number of photos of the whole audience but I found I left some equipment at home and I can't transfer the photos from my camera to my computer! I reminded myself the reason I forgot this piece of equipment is in Genesis--sin has affected my brain!


The auditorium was filled tonight for the two evening seminar. Many came up to me during the break to thank AiG for providing information that has been so helpful to them.


The sessions tonight (and the services and evening session last night) were broadcast live on the Christian Radio station.

Tomorrow I have at least two radio interviews and a lunch with a local University Professor who doesn't believe as we do, so I would value your prayers. Dr. David Menton is also coming with me--all we can do is our best to uphold the authority of God's Word and hand it over to the Lord. Please pray for this time.

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