Sunday Highlights

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The following are just some of the highlights from today's ministry in Georgia:

  • Before the 1st service, a man told me that AiG was integral in his salvation.
  • Another man told me that he is using AiG materials in teaching AWANA and will be soon teaching other programs — he was so thankful for all the resources AiG provides.
  • College starts this week—it was thrilling to see many college students in the services this morning and evening. The evening service was packed out and they had to use the overflow (as they did for the 2nd service this morning)—I think this surprised everyone as we didn't expect so many tonight. A number of different churches brought people/youth groups etc for this evening's program. I arrived at the church early and then sat on the front seat for an hour—while I sat there, person after person came to me and told me of how AiG had affected their lives etc. I wish you all could have been there—it was somewhat overwhelming—quite an emotional experience.
  • I had the opportunity of having lunch today with a State Senator and his wife (who just love AiG ministry), a couple of dedicated AiG supporters and the pastor and his wife. On Tuesday I have a lunch with a Christian professor from the University who is very influential but does not take a stand on young earth, six literal days etc. Please be in prayer for this meeting. I have also been asked to do a couple of radio interviews for different stations—I will try to fit these in on Tuesday.
  • A young boy asked me to autograph his book—after I did that for him, he looked at his mother and said "one of my heroes signed my book!" It makes me realize how much these young people look up to those of us in AiG.
  • A lady who is completing her PhD told me she really wanted to use her training for the Lord and asked if it might be possible for her to find a position at AiG.
  • A teenage boy wanted to know what he should do when he graduates from high school so he could become a creation speaker—I have had so many teens say this over the past couple of years that I think there may be numerous creation speakers available soon!
  • Quite a number of people told me they listened to our daily radio program.
  • One man said he couldn't be at the church this morning because of another appointment, but he was able to listen to my talk over radio—I found out that the services today and all the talks we give are being broadcast live over the local Christian radio station.
  • Another man told me his father brought him up on Creation materials—now he is bringing up his children on AiG materials—he said as a result of what his father did, he has never questioned Genesis even when he went to college—he said the affect of this ministry is "multigenerational."
  • Well—there were so many other testimonies—after the talk and question time tonight, people lined up to talk with me—it was hard to get away!. What a blessing to receive such feedback.
By the way — some people drove long distances for the programs today, and a number told me they drove from Atlanta. One lady told me she drove 70 miles to bring her husband to the program. She said he used to be an atheist, so she used AiG tapes in the car etc. Over time, he came to the point of saying he was no longer an atheist, but he was not a Christian. However, he came to the program tonight—his wife was praying this would be a turning point in his life. I didn't get to speak to her afterwards—but pray the Lord will open the heart of this man.

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